It's so enjoyable to do solo portrait sessions. They come in quite a few forms: kids, graduation, head shots, just for fun in the case of my rockstar looking friend Tyler in the big chair. I enjoy doing corporate and business portraits a great deal as well because I believe in the power of businesses and individuals within them strengthening our community. If yourself or someone else is looking for some headshots, a modeling portfolio, or perhaps even boudoir, shoot me a text at 509-607-1863 or navigate here to tell me what it is you’re looking for in detail.

What others say about working with me for this type of portraits: 

"The process alone was enough to reel me back into another round of shooting with this photographer. You'll feel part of the team as Grace June welcomes creative input and can tweak, bend, and mold it into a work of art.

If you're the type to feel tense when all eyes and a camera are on you: don't sweat it as Grace mixes the perfect balance of levity and professionalism. Plus, no matter your level of understanding with camera work either in front or behind, Grace can effectively communicate her ideas whether you're a seasoned vet or not."

Check it out!

-Tyler Howotte 

"As a college student studying business I know how important first impressions are. A firm handshake, the right color tie, and being five minutes early to your interview can all be factors between landing a job and not making the cut. With this in mind, I contacted Grace June, a professional who I met through work, and talked to her about creating some professional portraits to use on my LinkedIn, GitHub, and Google+ accounts. Working with Grace, she helped me choose exactly what appearance I wanted to portray to potential recruiters and using her skills in photography helped capture what I was looking for. After the shoot, she used her magic in Photoshop, fixing shadow, changing some glare, and overall creating a more professional looking version of myself. I was more than happy about how the picture turned out and was very impressed with Grace’s ability both during the photoshoot and in postproduction.

Very shortly after updating my LinkedIn profile with my new portrait, I was contacted directly by a recruited interested in interviewing me. With Grace’s help, I was able to convey a side of me which a simple resume could not have done."

-Maximilian Lorbiecki

"My daughter is a competitive dancer and we needed some photographs for competition. I had met Grace at a social event and really liked her enthusiasm about life in general. I found out she was a photographer and gave her call to set up a session with Alex my daughter. From the get go Grace was professional and immediately asked me about Alex her personality likes and dislikes. This set up a rapport that continued from the actual session to picking out the best shots for Alex. The session itself was all about Alex she included her in the discussion about poses, costume changes and all aspects of the session. She went over and beyond in making Alex feel comfortable. It was a wonderful experience for Alex and it truly shows in the amazing photographs that we will treasure for life."

-Cathy Peddie