Oh my. The season is going by so quickly! Thanksgiving is coming up with Christmas around the corner. Luckily, I have a lot of fabulous art for sale. Subtle, I know. With some upcoming big ideas for another soon-to-be-announced project, I am definitely hitting it hard by making new handmade work and getting my store in order so folks can get some art for friends and family seamlessly.

On December 7th, I’ll have some work showing at Richmond Art Collective with my fellow members. We are going to have work for sale that make wonderful gifts and will be promoting our kickstarter there as well.

I’m currently offering a holiday photo session special. $325 for a holiday photo that includes a digital release for your online purposes and 25 high end holiday cards. Another special is $60 head shots for artists that my friend Denny Carman is helping me organize. It will likely be an all day event where people can stop in really quick and have a clean, updated, and professional head shot.

My friend Trina Butler of Trina Marie Photography and Spokane Event Photography and I have applied to be at the first annual Brrrzaar that Terrain is hosting so stay tuned to see if they are digging our work enough to let us participate.

In other news, I’m enjoying my time working for Jeremiah Sargent, my agent at Farmers Insurance for whom I do marketing and sales. I get to work with my husband Phil who is the office manager and it’s just a great team dynamic around here.

In still more news, it’s only 209 days until my sister Bonnie and I go see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas!

That’s all for now, if you have any questions or creative ideas you want me to help you enact, feel free to text or call 509-607-1863.