I am so grateful and pleased to announce that we were awarded the $4,900 from Spokane Arts through the SAGA grant to complete the project. 100 books will be printed and twenty 12x18 metal prints will go on the walls in public spaces. Many steps are ahead of us to see this through and now with financial backing and the support of Spokane Arts getting the art from film to the wall and into books is a reality. 

To everyone who has participated, thank you for your belief and support and encouragement. You helped this happen through your enthusiasm and courage in the spirit of helping others through sharing your story. I'm moved deeply by you all.

Thanks in order of those who were photographed since August 2017: Phil June, Joshua Rocco, Denny Carman, Debra Smith, Diana, Meg, and Knox Whaley, Vicki Dahlgren, Paul Ramer, Lynda Churchill, Nirvana Drew, and Tia Aoyama. Lots of love to you all with a special shout out to Phil for being my number one supporter through the entire process of coming up with the idea, working my tail off to see it through all the while acting a little high strung. Thanks to my fellow artists at Richmond Art Collective and congrats to Reinaldo Gil Zambrano for being another artist in my collective to get a SAGA grant at the same time, there are so many cool things happening at RAC. 

Thank you to Anne Claire Mitchell and Ira Gardner for sitting down with me and helping with the writing. Thanks to Dr. Greg Roth for the feedback all these months and for letting me use your scanner! These photos would not have made it to the internet without you! Additional props to my former instructors at SFCC Melissa Rackham and Erik Sohner. I've been working on this for a good long minute and your enthusiasm for my efforts is always appreciated.