Hi everyone, this is a little bit of a late entry but at this point so many things have been organized that now we have all the things in place to tell you about.

First, the show is happening October 12th, 2018 at West Central Episcopal Mission (1832 W. Dean Ave) from 5-8 p.m.

The books have arrived… and they look amazing!!!! Books will be for sale at the show for $40 and more can be ordered and delivered as well. Just a reminder, all the participants in the projects will be getting a book of their own.

The series is officially 23 pieces, the last one just arrived today. Text will accompany each photo that was chosen by those photographed.

Amazing donors that supported the show are: Spokane Arts, Grocery Outlet’s owners Sage and Jack Dunaway, Trader Joe’s on the south hill, Jeremiah Sargent Farmer’s Insurance (shout out to my other job), Ellen and Larry Weiser, and Reverend Jonathan Meyers. All of our food, drinks, and odds and ends will be taken care of.

There will be a cool video booth installation where people can leave comments and thoughts. We plan on asking two questions: “What gives you hope?”, “What needs to change?” and “What is your takeaway from the show?” We want to show what impact the project could have on our community and also take the time to make sure people are heard.

Power2ThePoetry will perform, and Stephen Shoemaker my talented musician friend is writing a song just for the show that he will play for us. I’ll be giving a little talk and will give people in the project an opportunity to share.

This is such an exciting time in my career because it feels like I’m really helping others in a concrete way through art. All the support and love from my friends, the participants, the community and of course my families have made this such an awesome year.

Here is a link to buy the book on blurb, or come pick one up yourself at the show. Can’t wait to see you all there! Contact me here through my connect page, or click the social links at the bottom of my page to find me elsewhere. Lots of love to you all :)