For the next year, I am engaging in a project about those impacted by suicide. I am photographing people who have attempted suicide and lived as well as families of individuals who completed suicide. Saturday September 16th at Riverfront Park I will have a table at the Out of the Darkness Walk to promote this venture. The plan is to photograph people over the next year, raise funds for printing costs which includes wall display and a book. These are accomplished on medium format film with my much loved Mamiya 645 and an LED light that I strategically light up the subjects with while the shutter is open between 1 and 4 seconds. 

My first two subjects are Phil and Josh. Phil is my husband and he helps me so much in all of my art ventures as a supporter. This time he participated as a relative to someone who completed suicide. His uncle Mark June completed suicide when Phil was in junior high. I was recently talking with a counselor who said that when someone ends their life, the ripple effects through the whole family and circle of friends are stunning. The more I lean into this subject, the more apparent that is becoming. Here is the photo of Phil that I plan to use. 


Josh is my first subject of a person who attempted and lived. Josh and I have some commonalities with our history of mental health so we very much connected. I am honored that he volunteered to participate and that he has been so supportive of the project helping me to get the word out there. This is his favorite and the one that will be on display at the OOTD walk. 


I plan to post more as things progress. I did just get signed on to sub-let from my friend Brian Deemy at Richmond Art Collective so now I have a great space to bring people to get the photos rolling. If anyone wants to donate 100 speed 120mm Ilford to me, send an email :)