Going back to Alaska after being gone since 2004 was such a big deal to me. I saw people I used to know, made a new wonderful friend named Dainean, spent time with my dad and had an awesome time with Natalie. We worked so hard the whole time going out with gear at all times of the day and night to take photos. I prepared a presentation about how to take better photos and led a class at the historic AB Hall. I had awesome coffee every day at Glacial Smoothies and Espresso. I wanted to stay longer and see my friends Crystal McClendon and Kristen Moore every day but it was really difficult being away from Phil so we returned as planned. After talking about it for years, I got a three day ferry ride out of my system, permanently... cabin fever is real. I saw my good friend Mike DeBell in Sitka along the way and arrived in Bellingham on my 30th birthday where my parent-in-laws picked us up and spoiled me with delicious food, coffee, and gifts. The month of March was very, very good to me. Thanks so much to the many friends, family, and sponsors that sent us on this trip. Here is a collection of my favorite photos taken throughout our time there.