Today I said to myself, oh my gosh. I need to blog! I've done TONS of cool stuff and while it's all on Facebook, it's not on my professional hub, which is this website. I don't know whether to tell you all the things I've done and participated in for the last year, or to start with the present and move forward. 

My most favorite moments in the last six months has been photographing people. There have been portraits, a wedding, self-portraits, collaborations and at the moment a fundraising effort to go to Alaska. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the last six months. From left to right, we have Alicia and Jed at their baby gender reveal party at sunset. Then we have Bonnie and Jordon, a young couple in love backlit in the winter at night.  Then we have a photo of my wedding clients Victoria and Steve Busby who were married in December 2016. Finally, there is a family portrait taken in Everett, Washington. I married the tall red-headed guy on the left <3