Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Oh my. The season is going by so quickly! Thanksgiving is coming up with Christmas around the corner. Luckily, I have a lot of fabulous art for sale. Subtle, I know. With some upcoming big ideas for another soon-to-be-announced project, I am definitely hitting it hard by making new handmade work and getting my store in order so folks can get some art for friends and family seamlessly.

On December 7th, I’ll have some work showing at Richmond Art Collective with my fellow members. We are going to have work for sale that make wonderful gifts and will be promoting our kickstarter there as well.

I’m currently offering a holiday photo session special. $325 for a holiday photo that includes a digital release for your online purposes and 25 high end holiday cards. Another special is $60 head shots for artists that my friend Denny Carman is helping me organize. It will likely be an all day event where people can stop in really quick and have a clean, updated, and professional head shot.

My friend Trina Butler of Trina Marie Photography and Spokane Event Photography and I have applied to be at the first annual Brrrzaar that Terrain is hosting so stay tuned to see if they are digging our work enough to let us participate.

In other news, I’m enjoying my time working for Jeremiah Sargent, my agent at Farmers Insurance for whom I do marketing and sales. I get to work with my husband Phil who is the office manager and it’s just a great team dynamic around here.

In still more news, it’s only 209 days until my sister Bonnie and I go see Lady Gaga in Las Vegas!

That’s all for now, if you have any questions or creative ideas you want me to help you enact, feel free to text or call 509-607-1863.

The show is Happening!

The show is Happening!

Hi everyone, this is a little bit of a late entry but at this point so many things have been organized that now we have all the things in place to tell you about.

First, the show is happening October 12th, 2018 at West Central Episcopal Mission (1832 W. Dean Ave) from 5-8 p.m.

The books have arrived… and they look amazing!!!! Books will be for sale at the show for $40 and more can be ordered and delivered as well. Just a reminder, all the participants in the projects will be getting a book of their own.

The series is officially 23 pieces, the last one just arrived today. Text will accompany each photo that was chosen by those photographed.

Amazing donors that supported the show are: Spokane Arts, Grocery Outlet’s owners Sage and Jack Dunaway, Trader Joe’s on the south hill, Jeremiah Sargent Farmer’s Insurance (shout out to my other job), Ellen and Larry Weiser, and Reverend Jonathan Meyers. All of our food, drinks, and odds and ends will be taken care of.

There will be a cool video booth installation where people can leave comments and thoughts. We plan on asking two questions: “What gives you hope?”, “What needs to change?” and “What is your takeaway from the show?” We want to show what impact the project could have on our community and also take the time to make sure people are heard.

Power2ThePoetry will perform, and Stephen Shoemaker my talented musician friend is writing a song just for the show that he will play for us. I’ll be giving a little talk and will give people in the project an opportunity to share.

This is such an exciting time in my career because it feels like I’m really helping others in a concrete way through art. All the support and love from my friends, the participants, the community and of course my families have made this such an awesome year.

Here is a link to buy the book on blurb, or come pick one up yourself at the show. Can’t wait to see you all there! Contact me here through my connect page, or click the social links at the bottom of my page to find me elsewhere. Lots of love to you all :)

Survive Project Update

Oh my. Things have been going so well with the Survive project. I got to do a talk at Spokane Falls Community College and had a show up May 5th-mid June. It was amazing to be at the school from which I got my photography degree presenting a project to students. Here is a video of the show, 13 images with more to follow soon after we wrap up the final photo sessions.

Giving the talk was cool, I reminisced about school and how much it meant to me to explore my art form while addressing my own mental health history through self portrait and other types of photography.

Giving the talk was cool, I reminisced about school and how much it meant to me to explore my art form while addressing my own mental health history through self portrait and other types of photography.

The day after that talk, I also did a talk at the downtown library for Mental Health Awareness Month at a Power to the Poetry gathering where people come up and share what they have written. I met many wonderful people there and what follows is photographs of people I met there and a few other folks who I had been in touch with and finally got together with to photograph after my Alaskan travels had concluded. Below those are the photos from the gallery so they can all be viewed together. 

The project is in the stage of moving into designing the book which is very exciting! Now we need to get this art on more walls and I would love to come in to organizations or schools or wherever to talk about the project and how art helps oneself and others. Please contact me here if you would like to schedule an artist talk. 

We Have Funding! Thank You Spokane Arts!

We Have Funding! Thank You Spokane Arts!

I am so grateful and pleased to announce that we were awarded the $4,900 from Spokane Arts through the SAGA grant to complete the project. 100 books will be printed and twenty 12x18 metal prints will go on the walls in public spaces. Many steps are ahead of us to see this through and now with financial backing and the support of Spokane Arts getting the art from film to the wall and into books is a reality. 

To everyone who has participated, thank you for your belief and support and encouragement. You helped this happen through your enthusiasm and courage in the spirit of helping others through sharing your story. I'm moved deeply by you all.

Thanks in order of those who were photographed since August 2017: Phil June, Joshua Rocco, Denny Carman, Debra Smith, Diana, Meg, and Knox Whaley, Vicki Dahlgren, Paul Ramer, Lynda Churchill, Nirvana Drew, and Tia Aoyama. Lots of love to you all with a special shout out to Phil for being my number one supporter through the entire process of coming up with the idea, working my tail off to see it through all the while acting a little high strung. Thanks to my fellow artists at Richmond Art Collective and congrats to Reinaldo Gil Zambrano for being another artist in my collective to get a SAGA grant at the same time, there are so many cool things happening at RAC. 

Thank you to Anne Claire Mitchell and Ira Gardner for sitting down with me and helping with the writing. Thanks to Dr. Greg Roth for the feedback all these months and for letting me use your scanner! These photos would not have made it to the internet without you! Additional props to my former instructors at SFCC Melissa Rackham and Erik Sohner. I've been working on this for a good long minute and your enthusiasm for my efforts is always appreciated. 


Survive Project: Denny, Diana, Meg, Knox

Survive Project: Denny, Diana, Meg, Knox

As the project moves forward, we have done a total of five out of the twenty photo shoots that are to take place. The SAGA deadline is coming up February 1st, a grant that I hope will fund the printing of 100 books and twenty metal prints. 

Already, two venues have opened up to let me share the work and launch the book, provided the funding comes in. This project is so crucial for our community right now. Spokane's suicide rate is higher than the state average, and suicide is the second highest cause of death for people aged 10-14. The more I investigate and photograph people and get close to the topic of suicide, the more open my heart is becoming to the condition people face in the wake of a suicide or after an attempt. 

If you or someone you know needs help, don't hesitate to call the 24 hour National Suicide Prevention Hotline, 1 (800) 273-8255. 

Here are my two favorites from the most recent photo sessions. Thank you all for your courage and sensitivity to come forward and share about something so difficult, you're my heroes/sheroes.  

Survive Project: Debra

I met Debra recently and I was grateful when she expressed interest in being involved. We talked about her experience as a mother whose son died by suicide one year ago prior to the photo shoot to get a sense of what her life is like now so we could focus on how to translate those feeling visually. 

The results are beautiful and I'm so glad Debra had the courage and willingness to give of herself in this way. Thank you. <3

This one is my favorite because it mirror statues of the Madonna holding her son. The iconic pose of a gentle, loving mother makes this image stand out to me.&nbsp;

This one is my favorite because it mirror statues of the Madonna holding her son. The iconic pose of a gentle, loving mother makes this image stand out to me. 

Co-Marketing with my other job

Some clients from the recent past. &lt;3

Some clients from the recent past. <3

This is a fun opportunity for people who want a quality photograph and who would benefit from having someone like me take a look at your insurance. I work in a consultative capacity to make sure that people are getting the best value for their insurance dollar. In that spirit, I have teamed up with my agent Jim of James Davis Agency Farmer's Insurance to give people the chance to win an awesome photo session and have the option to get more entries by letting me look over insurance and possibly do a quote to see if any changes would be beneficial and make sense. Here is the link to enter on Facebook, good luck! http://ow.ly/kaYo30fiPyO

You can win either a couples session or a family session, outdoor or on location in your house. Our office is right by Manito park and is a perfect spot to make some photo magic happen! I also shoot in black and white film if you're looking for something a little noir ;)

This session includes an 8 inch gallery wrapped 200 year archival and UV coated canvas. Call me at 509-309-2736 to learn more :)


You and your home

If you are proud of where you live and love where you gather with your family, we can do something similar for you. :)

Survive Project

For the next year, I am engaging in a project about those impacted by suicide. I am photographing people who have attempted suicide and lived as well as families of individuals who completed suicide. Saturday September 16th at Riverfront Park I will have a table at the Out of the Darkness Walk to promote this venture. The plan is to photograph people over the next year, raise funds for printing costs which includes wall display and a book. These are accomplished on medium format film with my much loved Mamiya 645 and an LED light that I strategically light up the subjects with while the shutter is open between 1 and 4 seconds. 

My first two subjects are Phil and Josh. Phil is my husband and he helps me so much in all of my art ventures as a supporter. This time he participated as a relative to someone who completed suicide. His uncle Mark June completed suicide when Phil was in junior high. I was recently talking with a counselor who said that when someone ends their life, the ripple effects through the whole family and circle of friends are stunning. The more I lean into this subject, the more apparent that is becoming. Here is the photo of Phil that I plan to use. 


Josh is my first subject of a person who attempted and lived. Josh and I have some commonalities with our history of mental health so we very much connected. I am honored that he volunteered to participate and that he has been so supportive of the project helping me to get the word out there. This is his favorite and the one that will be on display at the OOTD walk. 


I plan to post more as things progress. I did just get signed on to sub-let from my friend Brian Deemy at Richmond Art Collective so now I have a great space to bring people to get the photos rolling. If anyone wants to donate 100 speed 120mm Ilford to me, send an email :)

An Alaskan Overview

An Alaskan Overview

Going back to Alaska after being gone since 2004 was such a big deal to me. I saw people I used to know, made a new wonderful friend named Dainean, spent time with my dad and had an awesome time with Natalie. We worked so hard the whole time going out with gear at all times of the day and night to take photos. I prepared a presentation about how to take better photos and led a class at the historic AB Hall. I had awesome coffee every day at Glacial Smoothies and Espresso. I wanted to stay longer and see my friends Crystal McClendon and Kristen Moore every day but it was really difficult being away from Phil so we returned as planned. After talking about it for years, I got a three day ferry ride out of my system, permanently... cabin fever is real. I saw my good friend Mike DeBell in Sitka along the way and arrived in Bellingham on my 30th birthday where my parent-in-laws picked us up and spoiled me with delicious food, coffee, and gifts. The month of March was very, very good to me. Thanks so much to the many friends, family, and sponsors that sent us on this trip. Here is a collection of my favorite photos taken throughout our time there. 



The last 24 days have been amazing. I launched a GoFundMe and we are 26% to goal. On top of that, we did a fundraiser for Project Unconditional Love and made $500 for the cause of feeding the pets of Spokane's homeless AND we paid for the cabin on the ferry for me and Natalie. In the last couple days I have been putting up flyers and started an Instagram account just for the trip to update people as to our happenings. For more information or to donate, click on this GoFundMe link.

Here are some photos from the mini session Valentine's fundraiser. 

Two Self Portraits: Light and Shadows

Two Self Portraits: Light and Shadows

These images were completed in early 2017. I have been thinking about light and shadows a great deal, and writings about them. A poem by Rumi where he is having a conversation with God resonated with me and inspired the first photo:

“I said: what about my eyes?
He said: Keep them on the road.
I said: What about my passion?
He said: Keep it burning.
I said: What about my heart?
He said: Tell me what you hold inside it?
I said: Pain and sorrow.
He said: Stay with it. The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

I love light, both its physical and spiritual properties. In the Rumi poem there is an indication that suffering has a purpose, that there is a greater meaning to what humans and other life forms experience on earth. Viktor Frankl wrote in Man's Search for Meaning, “In some way, suffering ceases to be suffering at the moment it finds a meaning, such as the meaning of a sacrifice.” 

My self-portrait work has explored trauma and suffering. I have begun to believe that life doesn't happen to me, rather it happens for me and my job is simply to discover what the benefit, or greater meaning is in a given circumstance or situation. Thanks to Tony Robbins for that insight. I am a bit of a self-improvement junkie . . . ironically enough.

The second image is an homage to Plato's Allegory of the cave, particularly the excerpt, "On the walls of the cave, only the shadows are the truth." I don't know about everyone else in the universe, but I find myself suffocated in so much information that it's like just watching shadows dancing on the wall and I'm incapable of grasping them, or seeing the figures for what they really are because of the endless barrage of noise and media and options and opinions! I long for inner peace and am finding that difficult to achieve with my focus bent on external noise. I want to face the light and find my personal truth as we all must to continue to grow, ideally in love, compassion, and oneness. 

Those are my inspirations, these two photos are a good start for where I want to go studying light and shadows, physically and metaphysically. 

What's happening.

What's happening.

Today I said to myself, oh my gosh. I need to blog! I've done TONS of cool stuff and while it's all on Facebook, it's not on my professional hub, which is this website. I don't know whether to tell you all the things I've done and participated in for the last year, or to start with the present and move forward. 

My most favorite moments in the last six months has been photographing people. There have been portraits, a wedding, self-portraits, collaborations and at the moment a fundraising effort to go to Alaska. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the last six months. From left to right, we have Alicia and Jed at their baby gender reveal party at sunset. Then we have Bonnie and Jordon, a young couple in love backlit in the winter at night.  Then we have a photo of my wedding clients Victoria and Steve Busby who were married in December 2016. Finally, there is a family portrait taken in Everett, Washington. I married the tall red-headed guy on the left <3