It costs $400 for a 45-60 minute session with me, with a one hour minimum booking required. It's essential that from the moment you get in front of the camera we have plenty of time to unlock that perfect photo.

After a photo shoot, you will have a personal album where you can order products printed by White House Custom Color with an included digital release of the photo you purchase for sharing with my logo attached. I recommend metal and canvas products since they have maximum longevity and are resistant to damage and fading. Prints of many sizes are also available, but I do not offer framing services at this time. If you're in Spokane, I recommend William Grant Gallery and Framing in Kendall Yards. Michaels does a fine job but it's always preferable to support a local business. If you want to keep your printing services local, I will work with you to get orders from either Spokane Art Supply or R&R Custom Color and will provide you with a price list for them as well. 

Every photo session is priced based on the scope of the work and other factors that may be unique to your needs when assessing cost. If you're a business looking for some product photography, a photo story of your workplace, or other types of commercial photography Contact me for a quote. 

*Certain photo shoots may require additional assistance, which is an additional $50.

What do you get when you Hire a professional Photographer?

Are you just paying for an hour of someone’s time who clicks a button, and then gives you a digital photo or wall art? You might be surprised to learn some of what it takes to be a photographer, and all the pieces that come together to do just one photo. Here’s a short and not exhaustive list of what you are actually getting when you get a photograph:

 Hundreds of hours of education and training  

Skills built over time and practice

Excellent post-production techniques in Adobe programs

Commitment to a quality finished product

Camera, lighting, and computer equipment

image editing software

A paid assistant to help carry and set up equipment

Data storage and back-ups

Studio space or location fees

Transportation costs

Promotion and website costs

Income and sales tax, business insurance

Costs to print artwork

and more!

This information is to provide you with context for pricing, and for the value of hiring myself or any of the other incredible photography, videography, and other creative professionals. We work very hard and do a lot behind the scenes and over the course of our careers to create the best of the best for your investment in quality visual art services and outstanding results.