One of my favorite things to do is be a person that helps promote local businesses through photography. I have many ways of doing this, it could be head shots for an agency, product photography, using photo documentary to show what a day in the life is like, featuring great employees or any other number of possibilities. I also do art installations for businesses to make the environment ideal for customers. Some of my favorite businesses I’ve been proud to represent are: Yelp Spokane, White’s Boots, The Chocolate Apothecary and Hubbly Bubbly. As a business owner myself I understand how crucial it is to have quality photos for social channels or other applications like marketing materials. I would be glad to work with you to get you closer to your goals as a business owner. I am also a marketer for my insurance agency (my other… other job) so if you need some ideas about social media and photos to go with it, lets start a conversation.