Photography by Grace June

Hello, I’m Grace June and I make portrait art. I photograph people using digital and film and deeply enjoy getting to know my subjects in the camera. Additionally, I've been exploring subjects other than people to create decorative artwork. To find some art for your wall or for someone else, navigate to my store.

The images on this website are a small cross-section of my thousands of hours and clicks. My camera is like an interpreter and a conduit that helps me to better understand life, people, and myself.

I am an artist and photographer in Spokane, Washington. My goal is honesty and authenticity in every art piece, showing all varieties of human experience on a spectrum ranging from humorous to poignant, and all life in between. Click here to check out the portfolios. If you would like to talk about getting some photography in your life, give me a call or text at 509-607-1863.