Hello friend,

I’m Grace and I love helping improve lives and businesses through art and photography. Spokane is such a great place to live and work. With art for personal use and photography for business applications, there’s a lot of opportunity to get what you’re looking for when we work together.

If you’re a business owner, hopefully you’ve been coached on the value of quality authentic content. That’s my number one goal for Spokane business owners: using photography to improve your digital footprint while gaining a committed following that can convert into more clients.

A great head shot can show the best of yourself to help make an excellent first impression. Images of your work process, employees, products, storefronts and so many other things lead people to appreciate the value your business brings to Spokane.

Fun facts about your photographer: I grew up in Alaska. I’m a Harry Potter nerd. Lady Gaga = life. I take friendship very seriously and love my families. I’m a mental health advocate and bipolar gangster. My side hustles have side hustles. Phil is my hero <3

The process alone was enough to reel me back into another round of shooting with this photographer. You’ll feel part of the team as Grace June welcomes creative input and can tweak, bend, and mold it into a work of art.

If you’re the type to feel tense when all eyes and a camera are on you: don’t sweat it as Grace mixes the perfect balance of levity and professionalism. Plus, no matter your level of understanding with camera work either in front or behind, Grace can effectively communicate her ideas whether you’re a seasoned vet or not.
— Tyler Hawotte